Le Diapason
 35700 Rennes, France


April 15th, 2010

20:15 Tonevain
21:15 Volte-face
21:45 Smoke Fish


Tonevain (45min)

Tonevain are Teresa, Aileen and Taniya from Ireland. They all have different musical backgrounds and this is reflected in their music. There are strong influences of traditional Celtic music and old-time blues with driving hip-hop beats. They improvise a lot, drawing inspiration from each other. They also take traditional Irish airs and arrange them in their own style, giving them a whole new life and structure. \\ Their music is copy-left.

Planet of the Shapes by Robert Ratcliffe (11min)

Planet of the Shapes is a three-movement work for (stereo) fixed medium exploring the hybridisation of breakbeat-driven electronic dance music (EDM) (specifically drum n' bass and breakcore) with the instrumental woodwind music of Berio and Ferneyhough.\\ My$pace:

Volte-face (30min)

Antoine Torelli is 20 when he opens a new door to his artistic career in 2008. Passionate musician, multi-instrumentalist, he is very interested in sound technics. He participates in a lot of gigs as a drummer, singer, guitar player and works with various artists as a sound engineer on live performances or studio sessions. With this strong technical and musical background, he started "Volte Face". How to describe the music of Volte Face? Bewitching, exciting, fiery, melancholic, enthusiastic, each ambiance that you find in Volte Face is shaped to give rise to many feelings to the listener. Thus Volte Face could be qualified as an emotional music concept, a kind of music that suits visual work well. Harmony is the basis of the "Volte Face" project. The riffs of the guitars are the main point of its music, hard and gentle at the same time. The hidden keyboards in the different sound levels, come to design and achieve the last curves of the melodies whereas the rhythmic part brings exaltation with its intensity. Web:

Smoke Fish (1h 15min)

Smoke Fish are Shay (Guitar /Voice, Keyboards), Jonathan (Guitar, Keyboards), PY (Drums) and Jean Se (Bass). The quartet's common influences, such as David Bowie, The Pixies, Pavement, Pulp or even Queen gave birth to a dynamic, genuine and high energy Pop-Rock. Exploring a vast musical range, from acoustic ballads to more full-on rock material with slight touches of oriental and electronic vibrations, Smoke Fish toys with contrasts to put forth an intense, dream-like and gripping music that opens the doors of the listener's imagination.\\ Their music is Creative Commons licensed. Web: After her online performance in 2000 (366 short films produced in one year); after her unorthodox advice on sexuality (Miss Trash); and her tentative to propose a modern messie for the third millenium (Cristal); Marie-Anne tries to raise political awareness with a music project (Marijane Miracle). For the Breizh Entropy Congress, they propose a multimedia concert (high end music and visuals) of politico-festive electro. It's possible. In short, the audience is invited to dance on original works while listening to mindblowing lyrics, excerpted from their latest album (la fin du monde), sung with humor and casualness.\\ Web: /