Programming Committee

member of /tmp/lab, a Paris hackerspace, since 2008 and participated in organizing the Hacker Space Festivals. His projects include Milkymist (an open source hardware system-on-chip for live video art), Consumer-B-Gone (a mobile phone ringtone that blocks shopping carts), reverse engineering Prism54 Wi-Fi cards, and many others.

Nicolas Brodu

Nicolas Brodu is a teacher and researcher, currently at University of Rennes 1. He is interested by the use of machine learning to investigate complex systems, as a way to deal with emergent phenomena. He develops free software, both for scientific and general use, amongst which the teleconference server.

Meven Car

Pierre Cosquer

Pierre is a student at the Computer Science Department at INSA de Rennes (an engineering school). He is a member of Actux and one of the developers of The ProPHET and digital territories. She is involved full time on free software projects and on the advocacy of Internet at the service of citizens. She invests herself in usability, interoperability, digital inclusion, participative democracy, promoting access to knowledge and ensuring access to public data. She contributes in local development and the organization of Free Software events and workshops since 2002. English profile and activities.

Nina Engelhardt

Nina is a student in computer science at ENS Cachan. She is a member of /tmp/lab and helped with the organization of the Hacker Space Festival 2009. Her interests are centered around the intersection of technology, culture and society.

Kevin Hinault

Developer in an ITC (Information Technology Consulting) company. Assistance on the Debian mailing-lists. Member of the April non profit organization. Active member of Breizhtux: mainly involved in the monthly Install Party and in organizing the RBLL (Rencontres Bretonnes du Logiciel Libre). Blogger on Occasional Mozilla contributor.

John Lejeune

Dived into Free Software ten years ago and since then, does not give up. Now involved in, he applies to hardware the principles of Free Software and DIY culture. His other passion is the radio broadcasting world, through associations like, or

Yohann Lepage

Yohann is a master student in engineering in networks and telecommunications at Telecom Bretagne. He has a passion for innovative and free technology.\\ Founding member of Gulliver, lead developer of demexp software ( and co-developer of MapOSMatic ( Free Software activist for more than 15 years.

Carole Thibaud

Young video maker from Nantes, member of some non-profit organizations like Makiz'art (audiovisual creation and independant production), Mire (experimental cinema), and the Crealab network (digital creation). Vj, projectionist, editor, documentary director, she's interested as much in real time video as in the techniques of argentic cinema.


Kereoz is a PhD student in computer security. He is passionate with arts, science and their interaction. He is a core member of Actux (FOSS) and MDesigner (FOSS & electronic arts).


tags: programming, multimedia, 3d, audio, contrib, linux, debian, packaging, ubuntu, embedded, telephony, openmoko, maemo, c, c++, privacy, android, qt, java, low tech, autonomy, amiga, diy ...